Why Coconut Oil Should be Part of Your Child's Diet

What I learned about coconut oil at the conference has led to an exponential increase in its use in my home. It wasn’t just the evidence that suggests that coconut oil is protective of the brain and is used to TREAT dementia and alzheimer’s, and not the fact that it is highly supportive of healthy immune function, it just happens to be a food that every child needs to have in their diet to provide the body with the necessary nutrition and building blocks for lasting health and happiness.

Dr Bruce Fife is leading the way into research about this valuable resource some call the “miracle” food. This humble food, the coconut, is a staple in many diets, many of whom are extremely healthy. All parts of the coconut provide an abundance of valuable nutrition from enzymes to minerals but it is the oil that is unique and proving to be crucial in creating, restoring and maintaining health.

Coconut oil is being closely reviewed for its potential to treat dementia and alzheimers as a portion of it is converted to ketones which directly feed the brain. Ketones provide a high potency alternative source of glucose, they increase blood flow to the brain, they activate proteins needed for repair and they provide the lipid building blocks for new brain tissue. All in all, ketones are very healing for the brain and they are in fact produced by the liver specifically for the brain, so consuming coconut oil in the right quanitites is a spectacular answer!

The brain needs constant feeding, so when blood glucose is low, ketones provide the perfect food and this happens to all of us daily during sleep or periods without food. The implications for supporting brain health and develpment for our kids are obvious, more coconut oil in the diet.

Coconut oil is also known to help regulate blood sugar levels, improve insulin secretion and sensitivity and provides antimicrobial support and immune boosting as well as detoxification support. Coconut oil is therefore good for everyone and a fantastic fat for body composition.

Coconut oil’s unique structure and composition liken it to breast milk, mother nature’s other perfect food. We all know the power of breast milk so now you can consider the coconut right up there as a powerful health and healing ally.

For children I suggest upwards of 2 teaspoons daily added to smoothies, taken straight off the spoon, used for cooking and baking or as the base for my immune boosting coconut choc fudge. Coconut oil really does provide the overall support our little people need starting with gut and immune support. My son has very little sickness of any kind and nothing in his 3 years that has required a doctors visit. He is living proof that health can be entirely managed through nutrition, particularly given his genes.

For more extensive information about coconut and its myriad benefits visit Dr Bruce’s site http://www.coconutresearchcenter.org/


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  1. Milkah
    Milkah says:

    Hi, my son is 17 months old and is usually constipated. I have been giving him suppositories and syrup laxatives. Is it safe to give a teaspoon of coconut oil in full fat cow’s milk once a day to him? I really want to do away with laxatives. Can regular use of coconut oil lead to high levels of cholestrol later in life?

    • Sally Gray
      Sally Gray says:

      Hi Milkah, consuming coconut oil actually improves cholesterol outcomes in the short and long term, Dr Bruce Fife has some great research on this. I have found in clinic that milk can actually drive constipation. We have been exposed to a great deal of misinformation about our real calcium needs so if it turns out he doesn’t tolerate cow’s milk there are plenty of options to ensure his needs are met with readily absorbed nutrition. Sal x.


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