Christie’s Story: Resolving ADHD AND Getting My Life Back!

I feel so humbled when I receive letters like the one below. When I see a family like this one take the information I share, run with it and make it their their own and experience powerful results both physically and emotionally I just want to tell every mum in the world, you CAN do it too!

There’s nothing more to say really, I’ll just let Christie share her story. If you want to learn how to bring the best of Mind & Body medicine into your family, join the upcoming IGNITE event in Perth on Sunday September 18th.

Hey Sal, Jason and I want you to have this letter so you can use it to let other families know what is possible. I’m a pretty tough nut so if I can change, I’m confident most others can too. We just can’t thank you enough, after only a year we feel like we have been reborn and have a completely new beginning full of new potential and possibilities and you know how far we’ve come.

I almost cringe when I think about our first meeting and what you must have thought of me. I was just shattered from 4 1/2 years of twin boys with ADHD and being shunted around the specialist world, maintaining my career in law and trying to just keep it together. I was angry and I know you wore that, luckily we laugh about that now!

When I think back now, I don’t even know how I survived. I lived with perpetual anxiety, my brain barely switched off, I don’t even know if I slept a full night in that whole time. I try to isolate the emotions I was feeling for the first 4 1/2 years of their life and for me it was just desperation, survival and an innate need to get answers and help the boys in any way I could. I just knew there was more I could do and there was no way I was going to put poison in them and accept that drugs are the ONLY answer as I was told over and over again.

I thought I’d tried everything! We’d done gluten free, casein free, Feingold, a poor attempt at Keto, it felt like our whole world revolved around food and I really grew to resent it! So when you gave us your recommendations on the way to move forward with nutrition I was furious (with you).

Fortunately I married an unbelievably patient man who pointed out that we were already nearly doing everything you suggested, and in fact your approach simplified things even more so I had to realise that’s not what upset me most. Beyond the nutrition and the health investigation you advised, there was SO much more.

It took a long time to really hear what you were saying and if I’m honest I didn’t really want to face it! No-one in our years of struggle had even hinted that my stress could be ANY part of this picture at all. It seems so much easier to try to “fix” something tangible than to look inside and go poking around.

Well, when you finally “threatened” to dump us as clients if we didn’t do the emotional work, something in me woke up. I knew there was something there that needed attention, I now know I was just feeling afraid of what I might find. So we did “the work” as you say, a lot! Funny, but it wasn’t really work in the end!

I must admit, I’ve grown to love and admire your direct approach. When I first learnt about E+R=O, I was dismayed! But I pushed through the work with those exercises and it became incredibly freeing, I felt like I had been injected with energy and enthusiasm and almost like I was seeing things with a new set of eyes. I had a smile (on the inside) and I LOVED it.

It was all the mirror work that you showed me that really set me on course. I would NEVER have sent all those people those questions to answer about me if I didn’t know how much value their answers provided. This is the thing that truly set me free from my own misery and perceived limitations. This is where I found the gold and I now have such belief and compassion for myself, I wish everyone felt like this.

Without it I would never have my family back like I do today. I didn’t even know how threatened my marriage was, how fragile my own health was, particularly emotionally. How much of an impact my “stress” had on the boys. I don’t feel guilty or responsible anymore, I just feel so grateful to have been woken up and my boys are now thriving beyond belief. Not only are they no longer considered under the ADHD blanket anymore, they are happy and that matters more to me than I ever realised possible.

I didn’t grow up in a family that paid any attention  to emotional wellbeing, neither did Jase. It was such an amazing learning curve and we can easily see how we have been living our lives based on the beliefs we created as children growing up with our families and our own perceptions. Then how to let go of those beliefs and create new ones.

We now believe understanding all of this and retraining our brains is the foundation of a fulfilling life and I continue to do the daily ritual work you taught me and to my utter surprise it ALL just gets better and better. I love what you have shown us to do with the boys to set them up for life with these incredible skills! We fully support your mission to empower mums around the globe. Anything we can do, we will!

No words can say how much we appreciate you Sal.

Christie and Jason.


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