Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner PLUS My Secret Power Snack for Mums!

I often get asked to share my menu plans and in my upcoming book, “Medicinal Mealtimes” I provide endless meal plans to make the practical aspect of health a breeze. So for today, I want to share not only a typical day of meals, including my secret power snack for mums, but one of the ways I have created a life I absolutely love that gives me endless TIME to just be with Jacob and Mike…

I am a huge fan of systems! I still have room to keep learning (thanks sis), but without them I think we make our lives harder than they need to be and every mum will agree that TIME is precious. If we are wasting time and energy, the rip off is that we don’t get to spend that time with our kids, and likely the time we are spending is in a “frazzled” head space, NOT our “best” selves right!?

We get to choose our path and become the “captain” rather than feeling like we are reacting to life in any given moment, one storm after another. I want to help you take back the reigns and while there are a tonne of strategies to make that happen, I want to share a few really powerful ideas here today AND some divine recipes to keep your kids’ immune systems boosted during the last dregs of winter bugs…

With a few key tools and a dash of “Intention” our lives can run smoothly, on ALL fronts, in the exact direction we choose. I use the “power” of intention setting in as many activities in the day as possible and the most valuable is “Intentional Relaxation” which I swear ends up giving me MORE time, even though it takes time to do! Daily practices such as these actually DO create enormous “ease” and “flow” and make life so much more pleasurable!

Firstly, let’s talk about meal planning. I was always super RELUCTANT to take the time to meal plan and I see this in my clients too. The fact is, taking the SHORT time that it actually takes to plan a couple of weeks worth of meals, frees up TIME & STRESS by 10 fold, maybe more! You NEVER have to get to the end of the day and think, what’s for dinner, that is utter craziness and pressure I am sure you really don’t want.

I want you to have a head start here with my menu planner. Download your copy right here and take a few minutes, right now is good, and on the back write down:

  • Your family’s favourite foods and meals (use these to flesh out your meal plan and find ways to make them health eg fish and chips can easily be turned into a super health meal with organic hand cut chips baked in the oven and nut crusted fish bites with sauerkraut home-made mayo and salad, OR home-made sourdough burgers and sweet potato chips)
  • Any food rules you follow eg gluten free, dairy free, grain free
  • A list of the meals you cook now with ease
  • The day and times that you intend to use for meal/snack preparation

Use this information to formulate 2 weeks worth of meals and snacks. There is NOTHING wrong with making the same meals over and over and rotating them over a fortnight. The key is to ensure that the basic food rules are being adhered to and yes this is a journey so just make a start and this basic planning strategy will support your desire to make the changes needed to create the BEST of health in time.

Here’s what a day looks like for my family!

Breakfast: protein loaded turmeric (immune boosting and antioxidant rich spice) custard from my “old” book with fresh raspberries and coconut chips.

Tumeric custard

Lunch: crunchy chicken meatballs, we used chicken thighs and minced them at home along with home-made sourdough bread crumbs, but we often use nut or seed crumbs and sometime rice crumbs (come to my next “Sensational Sourdough” workshop if you want to learn how EASY it is to make incredible soudough goodies), a tonne of herbs, ginger powder and miso paste.

Chicken patties

Dinner: this “kid” friendly curry has loads of flavour and is still loved by adults. This is straight out of my “Nourishing Your Child for Health & Happiness” book with fresh turmeric used instead of dried which was AMAZING! AND blitzed up cauliflower as well which really thickened the gravy nicely. I served it with home-made sour cream but greek yoghurt always does the job.

Curry for kids

Snacks for the day for Jacob include fresh fruit, veggies sticks with dips or ants on a log etc.

My Super “Power” Snack for mums provides excellent energy AND satisfaction and very little sugar….Soak 1 cup of cashews for 4 hours, then drain and blitz with 200gm of coconut butter, 2 tbsp cacao, 1 tbsp clean protein powder (Nutra Organics), 1 tsp mint essence, 1 tsp vanilla paste, 1/2 tsp cardamon powder and 1/2 tsp turmeric, OPTIONAL a couple of soaked dates OR 1 tsp raw local honey. Blitz then set in the fridge in a slab or in balls.

Bliss ball

We have an amazing opportunity to create happier, healthier lives for ourselves and our kids! Keep moving forward, join an upcoming workshop to get Educated, Inspired & Empowered and join an incredible community of mums on the journey with you!

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