The health and well-being of our babies is paramount to our experience as mums. If they are unsettled, so are we! It is innate in those first few months that our baby’s well-being is the priority, often to our own detriment. We can ensure our own vibrant health and that of our babies through some key choices, a little education and a few daily strategies, then we can truly enjoy being a mum and getting to know our little blessings! Having formally trained in “Natural Fertility Management”, Francesca Naish, AND embraced the wisdom of Dr Weston A Price in my own life and clinic, I have seen the profound outcomes of the “right” intervention consistently for the health or our babies AND mums!

In fact there are a number of ways we can profoundly impact the health of our babies and ourselves. Preconception care is the place to start for supreme outcomes, there is more information on the “Preconception” page so you can start creating the strongest foundation possible for your baby’s health.

Even in pregnancy we can embrace specific strategies to improve the outcomes and research has shown that we can take measures that actually prevent health issues for ourselves and our children. This means a smoother ride through pregnancy, breastfeeding and transition into “mummyhood” like a pro even if it’s your first time or have a history of health challenges!

We can even prevent infant health issues such as colic, reflux, reactions through breastmilk or first foods, sleeplessness, gut issues and worse. This is all possible with a conscious, preventative approach and the strategies to launch into motherhood prepared and aware of how to handle any event and to optimise your own general health, vitality, breastmilk, immune health, calm and joy!

Healthy Pregnancy Choices

“We have the opportunity to profoundly impact the health of our babies  through the choices we make in pregnancy with nutrition AND lifestyle. We really can live our lives by design, NOT default”.


“Our choices can avoid needless suffering for our babies. Infant health issues may be common BUT they are not normal. Anything less than vibrant health is a clue that there is imbalance that can be prevented and at the very least resolved through natural measures such as nutrition changes, not pharmaceuticals”.

If you are struggling with your infant experiencing health issues it is vital to be aware that there ARE options. Modern health care intervention such as antibiotics, pain relievers, steroids and medications come at a cost. That cost is your child’s health which may appear unaffected in the short term but is in fact altered as a result of using pharmaceutical medication which can, usually does, lead to health complications in the future. We simply MUST understand that there are consequences that need need to be addressed!

Options for treatment should start with an Osteopathic visit and quality Naturopathic care. In most cases this will resolve and prevent complications.

Our babies are precious and we need to treat them with the care they deserve. Their transition from the womb to the world is pivotal and what should naturally occur during birth and beyond has become so medicalised that many babies are starting their lives compromised.

Our newborn babies have to evolve quickly to survive this transition and as Dr Kenneth Bock MD says: “The initial time for the immune system and the microbiota to develop is right at birth, a crucial time for a baby moving from womb into external environment where it is unprotected…The microbiota are so important to the development and maturation of the immune system and the neonate needs to get the initial microbiota from the mother, from vaginal and fecal flora… The growing number of C-sections (30-40%) prevents natural evolution and delays microbial colonization as well as creating a foundation of foreign microbes determined by what is in the birthing environment including from the people the baby comes in contact with to the materials it is exposed to.” 

This can be resoundingly addressed with the  right probiotics from birth along with other measures discussed thoroughly in the program below, “Happy Healthy Mums & Bubs”.



Dr Larry Pavelsky, Pediatrician, says that “babies born naturally are inherently strong, our job is not necessarily to strengthen BUT to prevent weakening them with modern intervention and toxic overload.”

We have incredible control over our baby’s health and their long term prognosis, but we must reconnect with traditional wisdom and avoid prevailing modern practices such as what to do when they get sick, using pain relievers for teething (no child EVER died from teething), how to harness the power of “fever”, what to feed our babies as first foods which are ALL harming our children if you follow the advice of formula and rice cereal as is typically recommended. There are safer, BETTER options that will actually support health and optimise growth NOT harm your baby as these options do.

Download the guide below to keep your transition into motherhood a healthy and happy one. Join an upcoming “Happy Health Mums & Bubs” event and learn exactly how to implement the lifestyle that will bring you and your baby lasting health and happiness and set you up for extreme health for future pregnancies!

The BEST First Foods for Baby

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