Photo of SalI would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you. My name is Sally Gray, and I am the founder of Real Healthy Kids. I am a qualified and practicing Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist and Counsellor and have worked in the field of natural health for over 15 years. Over that time I have specialised in women’s and children’s health and focus most of my time these days working with families and children to restore health and create improved health outcomes. My passion is educating families to take back their power to create lasting health for their children with a renewed understanding of the role of nutrition. My workshops are my true love!

In early 2012 I became a certified GAPS Practitioner and as such am qualified to further the ground breaking work of Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride and provide real healing solutions for those who suffer a wider range of conditions from autistic spectrum disorders, ADD/ADHD, allergies, intolerances, asthma, eczema, infant health issues, pregnancy health issues, auto-immune conditions, reproductive issues and all gut conditions.

The GAPS protocol is a nutritional medicine program that utilises the right foods for healing and identifies those foods that are harmful to the body and continue to drive dis-ease. The GAPS book as written by Dr Natasha is mandatory reading and becomes a valuable resource for life as it highlights the true workings of the body and blueprint for staying in optimal health and importantly, creating optimal health for children. The success of this protocol is close to 100% when followed properly and can see a complete reversal of conditions in many cases.

Child health is unique and poorly understood by most in the health profession. Children need the right nutrients to grow and develop properly and for immune strength that will last a lifetime. Sadly we are sicker that any other time in history and our children are suffering the most. If you hope for great health and happiness for your children and yourself education is the only answer. If we are to follow the health guidelines widely available such as the government food pyramid or the advice of child health nurses we can safely bet our kids will not be dying of old age but instead from a lifestyle PREVENTABLE disease!

I am passionate about kids health. I believe we have a real opportunity to change the course of our children’s lives through the choices we make for them in the family home. When it comes to the food and lifestyle choices we make for our kids, I believe many of us are falling down, we are establishing the foundations of disease now and into the future, when we actually have the capacity to set our kids up for life with great health and the tools they need to maintain that.

I had always been exposed to healthy living thanks to my heath conscious dad but I became even more interested in natural health as a teenager having experienced a lifetime of allergies and chest infections and had come to the conclusion that western medicine didn’t have the answers, I never got better permanently and that just didn’t seem right. It wasn’t until I had completed my studies that I fully came to appreciate what natural medicine had to offer and I went from experiencing debilitating allergies to being completely allergy free.

My interests as a practitioner took definite shape and my first calling was in the area of women’s health, working to restore hormonal balance and improved fertility. This became a very personal journey for me as I experienced my own issues and came to realise that even my extensive training in the area was of little use. What I have since come to appreciate is the crucial role that the “right” nutrition plays and how very lacking it is in contemporary training in all fields.

For most of the last decade I have been interested in Child Health and have spent thousands of hours and extra training to understand the unique needs of children. My book, “Nourishing Your Child for Health & Happiness” is a culmination of all of that research and experience and is designed as a guide for  families to use to achieve lasting improved health outcomes for their children. As a mother this has gained even more relevance and I am delighted to watch my child grow whilst being supported naturally through a whole-food diet and approach to life.

I would love to reach as many families as I can, I want us all to join together to recognise the importance of the choice to be a parent and the impact we have on the future experiences of our children. I choose great health for my child and I invite you to help me create “Healthier Kids for a Healthier Future”. Our children after all are our future, let’s choose the right path!

I consult privately as well as running group and private workshops to restore optimal family health and wellbeing.

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Every day I am so thankful and grateful that we met someone as exceptionally brilliant and passionate as you. Our children are truly lucky that you are a part of their lives! Thanks again Sal