3 Quick Brain Hacks to Take You From STRESSED to RELAXED in Under a Minute!!!

Let me introduce you to my “Relaxation Remedy”!

Us mums REALLY need to know about this and if your goal is to FULLY live a life brimming with fulfillment, satisfaction,  fun, success, abundance, love, laughter, joy…Then you REALLY REALLY need to know how to slip into the space where we make the BEST choices, have powerful thoughts, can influence our reactions and behaviours in ways that DESIGN the future we WANT. Otherwise  we are living by default, aka, a pear shaped life!

For FAR too long we’ve neglected our nervous systems, the home of stress and now that we categorically KNOW that stress “stuffs” our health and happiness let’s just get real about stress for a minute. Stress impacts your body, thoughts, feelings and behaviours and it doesn’t end there! The flow on impact  of stress effects our relationships, our marriages, our parenting, how we feel about ourselves, our work and productivity, our  effectiveness, the quality of ANYTHING we do, AND MOST importantly, our day to day, moment to moment happiness and satisfaction!

Stress is RIPPING us off in the most profound ways and our children are impacted by our stress too, let’s not forget that little gem!

Being stressed is something most of us have made an art form out of and we don’t even know we’re stressed. BUT, when it comes to our health (physical and emotional), IGNORANCE is NOT bliss! What you don’t know, or acknowledge and take action on, WILL hurt you.

Learning how to soothe our nervous system, the direct connection with our brain, and interrupt to rewrite our “inner” program will impact the “stress” that is eating away at our health and RIPPING us off. NO-ONE is immune to stress (at least no-one that I know) and it’s time we make this conversation LOUD and take action to really start living and to empower our kids to a brighter future…

When we are stressed our subconscious programming takes over which is driven by  the amygdala, the part of our brain that is focused ONLY on our survival, flight, fright and fight response. This is useful when our life is in danger but our brain has been tricked into believing we are in danger by everyday first world issues. Things like running late, stuck in traffic, messy kids, toilet seat left up, worrying about what other people think, feeling annoyed at people…

So the reaction to these “first world” issues is driven by our subconscious, drawing from patters of behaviour, thoughts and reactions that have been used before. The same reactions that have created our experience up until now.  Our subconscious programming drives these and our conscious “choice” making capacity is interrupted. The results, as you know, are NOT what we want and these regular daily interruptions of consciousness are creating the pear shaped experiences we DON’T want.

BUT, we can actually interrupt this automatic response to stress and start stepping into the role of designing our life rather than living by default.

As humans we really do have  infinite potential and consciousness is the key!

We can decide to take back conscious control of our brain in order to enhance EVERY aspect of our lives.

I  want to share 3 POWERFUL “Brain Hacks” that take us OUT of that automatic subconscious amygdala response and put us squarely in “The Land of Choice, Creativity, Calm and Change”.

These 3 “Relaxation Remedies” are quick, easy and proven to calm the amygdala which drives our stress. The best tip I  can offer is to  use these daily, program them into your phone at intervals  and do them EVEN if you don’t feel stress.

1.Yawn – the best kept secret in neuroscience which reboots the brain and refocuses attention.

2.”Name it to tame it”, a technique discovered at UCLA which takes the activity in the brain from the amygdala to the pre-frontal cortex (“The Land of Choice, Creativity, Calm and Change”):

Step 1 – pause, notice how you are feeling without resistance

Step 2 – take 2 mindful breaths (being aware of  the feeling of  breath going in and filling your lungs  and abdominal cavity then being breathed out your  mouth)

Step 3 – name the feeling without judgement and say it 3 times aloud or in your head

3. Tapping – a practice that employs psychological and energetic therapy to also calm the amygdala through acknowledgement of a feeling, acceptance and release from energetic attachment. Check out  the EFT (Tapping) page above for more  guidance. Keep an eye out for “My TAP Happy Life”, a program designed to “Rewrite” your internal dodgy programs to start living life wholeheartedly by design.

Happy relaxation, Sal xxx

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