3 EASY Steps to the HEALTHIEST Winter Yet! PLUS my Guaranteed Infection Fighting Natural Remedy & How to Get Your Hands on Some…

In case you missed the news, there’s been a GLOBAL medical directive to GP’s counseling them to STOP prescribing antibiotics for children (and indeed everyone) unless it is to save a life, which is usually only the realm of emergency medicine. The widespread routine prescribing of pharmaceutical medicine is under the spotlight and it’s been revealed through science that this practice has had significant consequences on a number of levels. These are issues I have discussed before but just to remind you of the most important; antibiotic resistance (AKA public health threat #1); gut microbiome and immune dysfunction as a direct result; exponentially growing child health issues; future chronic disease for which pharmaceutical use is a predisposing factor. Our BEST option has become finding ways to strengthen our resilience in order to fight infections and prevent chronic disease.

The issue then becomes; what are my choices for health care? Well, in the event of a life threatening infection, get thee to an emergency room. Antibiotics save lives (when they work), let’s be clear, modern medicine has its advantages. But for routine infections, both viral AND bacterial of ears, sinuses, lungs, kidneys, bladder, there are other ways!

These other ways need to be widely known. I believe that any conscious parent would choose these over pharmaceuticals if they KNEW the danger they pose to health. Even a SINGLE dose of antibiotics will alter health for the worse by directly altering our gut microbes, the very microbes that we require to create health and fight infections. Same goes for paracetamol and yet this is routinely prescribed for infants!!!

Heading into winter, there are 3 things that can keep you healthier than ever before, improve recovery if you do get sick, cut down dramatically on sick days and work toward building the resilience needed to chart a course around the predicted disease for our kids and ourselves!

Embrace these and you are well on your way to taking back control of your health rather than leaving it the hands of those poorly trained in preventative medicine or health building. We are asking way too much of our doctors to do more than manage symptoms with chemicals. As a side, this is changing, there are countless doctors who are now embracing nutrition and functional medicine so this will change in time.

The reality is we need to get educated in order to treat our kids naturally, without antibiotics and with natural remedies that have stood  the  test of time. None of us have learnt what it takes to create the very best of health and health management options beyond the GP. With some very simple strategies we CAN take back control of our health, cut down on sick days dramatically and avoid intervention that does damage health for the future. We must be prepared and put in place the plans to achieve our health goals, if not we are in reaction mode and flying completely blind. This  is a  choice we have to make as parents, do you want to risk your child’s health any longer with modern medicine, OR do you want to build the resilience they need to navigate a course around the predicted disease? Let me show you exactly how:

1. The #1 remedy to have on hand to fight  ANY infection: although there are 10 Top Remedies I recommend in my “Natural First Aid Kit: the path to mind, body resilience”, I am going to share a video with you outlining exactly how to make this particular remedy AND how to get your hands on some right now before the bugs hit! Stay tuned on Wednesday…

2. The top 5 foods that are anti-microbial and boost immune function: mother nature has NOT mucked up! The answers lie in nature, think garlic, ginger, herbs, spices and honey. These are ALL scientifically recognised natural antibiotic agents and antioxidants. These are foods you can  be using daily to prevent AND treat infections, there are oodles of ways to be using them, the workshop shows you easy ways for infants right through to husbands!

3. The  single best way to prevent bugs taking hold in your house and infecting EVERYONE! This simple trick will keep the whole family powering through the bug season while others drop like flies! You will walk away with a comprehensive manual to apply to any health  event in life, there is NO reason why your child need ever have damaging medical intervention for a HUGE range  of acute health events as well as chronic conditions. You will learn how to approach even the worst of health issues with awareness, understanding  of the human capacity and control over your family’s health outcomes. You WILL feel confident, I hear this routinely from participants.

Join me for the “Natural First Aid Kit: building resilient kids” (formerly Exceptional Child Health Naturally), May 18th in Dunsborough or June  14th in Bunbury. Email info@realhealthykids.com to book your spot.

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