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    Read the latest research, topical child health information and child friendly recipes to support you in making choices that will optimise your child’s health, healing, well-being and happiness. We have a profound opportunity to stem the tide of dis-ease and create lasting benefits for our kids, learn how right here.

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  • How To Heal

    Creating optimal health and healing require the right combination of environmental factors, from nutrition to lifestyle. Discover the key steps to take for your child and learn how to prepare the nutrition basics and create a nurturing environment as well as identify those elements that are preventing the best of health.

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  • Workshops

    Take your education further and join one of the upcoming dynamic workshops offered either in person across the country or online. These workshops cover a range of topics from fundamentals to advanced practices and clearly demonstrate the knowledge and tools you need to set your child up for lifelong vitality.

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  • Introducing Sally Gray

    Real Healthy Kids was founded by Sally Gray, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Educator, Mother and Child Health Specialist. This business was born from a passion and committment to improve child health outcomes through education and better lifestyle choices in pregnancy and infancy in recognition of the current poor pattern of child health.

    “I believe we have an opportunity and responsibility as parents to teach our kids the tools and skills they will need to live healthy and happy lives and the answer to this lies in our health. Poor health impacts all areas of life from emotional to financial and we have the capacity to make a profound difference to the lives of our children by improving our own understanding of the choices we are making for them.”

    “I have had the privilege of witnessing the transformation from sickness to wellness in my clinic and workshops of hundreds of families and children over the years and realise that the answers to improved health lie with us as parents. We have much more power to impact the health of our children than we realise, and we can begin to take the necessary steps today!”

    Real Healthy Kids is committed to providing thoroughly researched quality information and training, as well as a forum for families to discover and ask about the natural answers to supporting rather than hindering their child’s health and future.

    Join Sally and Real Healthy Kids in creating “Healthier Kids for a Healthier Future”.

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What’s New

  • Choc crackles

    Super Healthy Chocolate Crackles

    Chocolate crackles hold a special place in all our hearts, right up until we found out the original recipe. It certainly is not conducive to the health of our kids, but with a few tweaks it sure can be and is a fantastic option for kids with diet restrictions such as egg and nut free. […]

  • Herbal tea

    “Pick Me Up & Keep Me Going” Tonic (Fermented Medicine)

    I can’t stress enough the value and importance of practicing preventative medicine. Seasoned school mums know that Easter is the turning point for health and second term is notorious for wipe outs from infections as well as fatigue. This can be addressed beautifully with a few key strategies and this is one of my favourite […]

  • Lamb roast

    1 Organic Lamb Shoulder = 5 Meals

    This is convenience food (healthy of course) at its absolute best. Take one 2kg organic lamb shoulder and start by slow roasting it. Slow roasting with gorgeous herbs and other ingredients produces a melt in your mouth result that the whole family will love, especially kids who aren’t usually that into chewy meat. In fact […]

  • Kids Kraut

    Kids Krunchy Kraut – The best sauerkraut ever!

    We are all starting to hear about the benefits of traditional fermenting as it becomes more mainstream. And you might be thinking that’s all well and good but there is no way my child is going to eat sauerkraut. It’s true, our western palates rarely see the variety of flavours that we all need to […]

  • Liver supplement

    My Nutrition Secret Weapon for Kids

    It was the extensive research of Dr Weston A Price, referred to as the “Isaac Newton of Nutrition”, who revealed the culinary practices of traditional people included consumption of organ meats as a preference over muscle cuts of meats and as a staple food. Interestingly the traditional cultures studied all had excellent health, far superior […]

  • Seed Bars

    Crunchy Seedy Bars (Nut Free) & School Friendly

    These crunchy seedy bars are just scrummy! I created them in response to the growing need for school friendly lunch box ideas, you know nut free (and the growing list of other foods which threatens our kids nutrition status) and I have found this super relevant with Jacob now in K4. My husband also loves […]

  • Elderflower article

    Treating Kids Naturally with this Simple Remedy

    What do you do when your child gets sick? Ride it out for a few days and hope it gets better or take action to support your child’s body through the experience? One of these options is more likely to end up at the doctor’s surgery or emergency room with a prescription for a medicine […]

  • Yoghurt Panna Cotta

    Yoghurt Panna Cotta with Kombucha Soaked Berries

    This dish, with its silky smooth texture and bursting flavour, is an absolute winner every time! It is loaded with fabulous nutrition including enzymes, minerals, protein and vitamins as well as beneficial microbes (probiotics) to boot. I have seen all age groups enjoy this one so don’t be shy to share it with the kids […]