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    Read the latest research, topical child health information and child friendly recipes to support you in making choices that will optimise your child’s health, healing, well-being and happiness. We have a profound opportunity to stem the tide of dis-ease and create lasting benefits for our kids, learn how right here.

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  • How To Heal

    Creating optimal health and healing require the right combination of environmental factors, from nutrition to lifestyle. Discover the key steps to take for your child and learn how to prepare the nutrition basics and create a nurturing environment as well as identify those elements that are preventing the best of health.

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  • Workshops

    Take your education further and join one of the upcoming dynamic workshops offered either in person across the country or online. These workshops cover a range of topics from fundamentals to advanced practices and clearly demonstrate the knowledge and tools you need to set your child up for lifelong vitality.

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  • Introducing Sally Gray

    Real Healthy Kids was founded by Sally Gray, Naturopath, Nutritionist, Educator, Mother and Child Health Specialist. This business was born from a passion and committment to improve child health outcomes through education and better lifestyle choices in pregnancy and infancy in recognition of the current poor pattern of child health.

    “I believe we have an opportunity and responsibility as parents to teach our kids the tools and skills they will need to live healthy and happy lives and the answer to this lies in our health. Poor health impacts all areas of life from emotional to financial and we have the capacity to make a profound difference to the lives of our children by improving our own understanding of the choices we are making for them.”

    “I have had the privilege of witnessing the transformation from sickness to wellness in my clinic and workshops of hundreds of families and children over the years and realise that the answers to improved health lie with us as parents. We have much more power to impact the health of our children than we realise, and we can begin to take the necessary steps today!”

    Real Healthy Kids is committed to providing thoroughly researched quality information and training, as well as a forum for families to discover and ask about the natural answers to supporting rather than hindering their child’s health and future.

    Join Sally and Real Healthy Kids in creating “Healthier Kids for a Healthier Future”.

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What’s New

  • Savoury Cupcakes

    Cheesey Savoury Cupcake- ideal breakfast or snack for kids

    Well these aren’t really the typical cupcake but that’s what we call them in our house, my little boy came up with that one and it kinda stuck. They are extremely delicious, full of sustaining nutrition making them a great school or sport day breakfast and you can make them in bulk to freeze and […]

  • Brekkie Cake

    Dutch Pancake – convenient healthy breakfast for kids

    This recipe is a real favourite in our home and makes enough for our family’s brekkie and a snack later in the day for whoever gets there first. It is such a healthy breakfast idea for kids. You can make any range of flavours so I will give you the basic recipe and some options […]

  • AS

    Inspiration for Auto-immune Sufferers – A Personal Story Shared

    This is Tess’s story, this is what can be achieved through education, committment, support and love: I have suffered from Ankylosing Spondylitis, an auto-immune condition of the rheumatoid arthritis family, for the past 15 years (or half of my life!) and was formally diagnosed four years ago. Since diagnosis I have tried many different medications; […]

  • Pumpkin Seed Snack

    Pumpkin Seed Crunch

    Pumpkin seeds are a nutrient dense food that has a lot to offer growing bodies. Our kids can benefit from organic and properly prepared pumpkin seeds in a variety of ways, such as: excellent source of magnesium, a mineral needed in over 300 different physiological reactions and particularly beneficial for the heart and other muscles, […]

  • Coconut Milk

    Divinely Creamy, Cheap & Quick Coconut Milk

    Have you thought to make your own coconut milk? Well it couldn’t be easier. As it turns out, you can whip up a litre in no time extremely cheaply, when you need it and of course it will be BPA free because no tins are involved. All you need is a good source for organic […]

  • cough

    Quick Home Made Cough Medicine for Kids

    Even when the kids get sick, there are plenty of options apart from pharmaceutical medication which are natural, effective and perfectly safe, unlike drug alternatives. Tis now the season for snot and coughs and you likely have a handful of remedies ready to go in your home or garden, “Garden Medicine” as I like to call it. […]

  • lemons

    Treating Fever Naturally

    Reaching for a pharmaceutical is not our only option when our children get a fever/temperature. In fact, if you fully understood what paracetamol and ibuprofen do once in the body you would do just about everything else before even considering going there. Instead, parents are falsely led to believe this is a harmless approach to child […]

  • Seedy granola clusters

    Healthy Granola Recipe – Crunchy Activated Seedy Clusters for Kids

    As was famously said; “No amount of evolution will ever result in humans being capable of deriving benefit from weetbix or any other packaged breakfast cereal, in fact these foods are damaging to health and are preventing our children from optimal growth and development”. If you listen to marketing hype, this might be news to you. […]

  • Choc crackles

    Super Healthy Chocolate Crackles

    Chocolate crackles hold a special place in all our hearts, right up until we found out the original recipe. It certainly is not conducive to the health of our kids, but with a few tweaks it sure can be and is a fantastic option for kids with diet restrictions such as egg and nut free. […]