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    Creating optimal health and healing require the right combination of environmental factors, from nutrition to lifestyle. Discover the key steps to take for your child and learn how to prepare the nutrition basics and create a nurturing environment as well as identify those elements that are preventing the best of health.

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  • Hi there, welcome to my website! I am all about creating an exceptional life for my family, especially my son Jacob, and am passionate about educating and empowering families with the tools I practice in clinic and seen to be effective to create optimal health for kids. We have the opportunity to make choices that will profoundly benefit, or not, our kids’ future health and happiness and when we make the “right” nutrition and lifestyle choices, our children have a fighting chance of reaching their full potential. I have seen all too well how the wrong choices drive and create dis-ease and how quickly and easily health can be restored and optimised with the necessary changes and strategies in place.

    Nutrition is entirely underestimated in its capacity to drive health and we need to elevate this vital topic quick smart for the sake of our kids. Epigenetics is at the forefront of nutrition in highlighting the critical nature of nutrition on genetic expression and research is also focusing on the impact food has on our gut microbiome which is central to our health on all levels. What we eat matters!

    Despite the fact we are told our kids’ lives will be fraught with disease I know, I see it daily in clinic, we can make different choices and set our kids up for life with boundless health, vitality and happiness. The key is to understand the role poor and misinformation about health and nutrition has shaped our beliefs and to start questioning the right course of action for ourselves. If we continue to follow our government guidelines (the food pyramid), as most do, then our children will sadly fit the typical picture of poor future health. I have compiled thousands of pieces of data from my own clinical research (for fun and also my Masters Degree) to support the conclusion that “Nutrition CAN Heal or Harm”, and our choices will either set our kids up for a healthy life or not. How exciting to know we can set a different course for our children and this site is all about providing the information, resources, recipes and inspiration to help you achieve that end for your kids.

    So here’s a bit about me, I am a qualified and practicing Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Advanced GAPS Practitioner, Psych-K & Quantum Touch Practitioner, and Transpersonal & Gestalt Counsellor and have worked in the field of natural health for over 20 years. I am what you might call an education “junkie” and have constantly questioned how best to achieve health and healing as humans. I have been trained in multiple aspects of nutrition and have worked with all elimination and dietary protocols. I have come to the conclusion that the potential for ultimate health rests largely with the “right” nutrition and that emotional health plays a pivotal role. Over this time I have specialised in women’s and children’s health and my focus these days is working with families and children to restore health and create improved health outcomes for our kids.

    My passion is educating families to take back their power to create lasting health with a renewed understanding of the role of nutrition. I have been blessed to see families embark on healing journeys that have restored complete health in situations the allopathic medical profession believe untreatable. NOTHING is untreatable in my opinion and I am yet to see a case where at least some level of improvement is not seen, if not complete healing/remission, with the appropriate nutrition intervention. Education is key and the workshops I run are my true love!

    Child health is unique and yet poorly understood by most in the health profession. Children need the right nutrients to grow and develop properly and for immune strength that will last a lifetime. Sadly our children are sicker than any other time in history and this is largely needless suffering driven by poor nutrition choices. This fact I have seen over and over again in clinic with health restored in a very short space of time when the right approach is embraced. If you hope for great health and happiness for your children and yourself then education is the only answer. If we are to follow the health guidelines widely available such as the government food pyramid or the advice of child health nurses we can safely bet our kids will not be dying of old age but instead from a lifestyle PREVENTABLE disease!

    I had always been exposed to healthy living thanks to my health conscious dad but I became even more interested in natural health as a teenager having experienced a lifetime of allergies and infections and had come to the conclusion that western medicine didn’t have the answers, I never got better permanently, I was on a sickness cycle and that just didn’t seem right. It wasn’t until I had completed my studies that I fully came to appreciate what natural medicine had to offer and I went from experiencing debilitating allergies to being completely allergy free, and so much more! BUT there was still more to learn and there still is today.

    I would love to reach as many families as I can, I want us all to join together to recognise the importance of the choice to be a parent and the impact we have on the future experiences of our children. I choose great health for my child and I invite you to help me create “Healthier Kids for a Healthier Future”. Our children after all are our future, let’s choose the right path!

    I consult privately as well as running group and private workshops to restore optimal family health and wellbeing.

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